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Let Me Out - We're All Mad Here
You can tell I'm mad because I have straw in my hair.
Let Me Out
All of my coworkers have whiteboards. Some of them don't use them. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, it's suddenly occurred to me that this is an excellent opportunity for me to amuse myself. All I need is a whiteboard marker, which I have; the whiteboard, which they have; and access to their office while no one else is there, which I have at least intermittently throughout the day.

My plan is this: I'm going to draw a tiny figure down in the corner of the whiteboard. It'll be recognizably humanoid, but that's all of the detail that'll be clear. Depending on which coworker I target, the figure might go unnoticed at first. Over subsequent days, though, I'll sneak back into the office and change the figure, one small movement at a time, like a page-a-day calendar version of a flipbook.

I figure that the scene can unfold something like this: the figure turns its head and sees the world outside the whiteboard. It waves at first, then gestures with both arms. After a pause, it holds up an illegible sign. Then, dropping the sign, it begins to advance on the whiteboard, growing larger as it approaches. Perhaps another sign will be held up, not written in any recognizable language. The figure's features will start to become clear, and it will be obvious that it is nonhuman. This is partly because that'll be fun to draw, and partly because the odds of me drawing a human face well day after day are very low.

Eventually, the figure will reach the whiteboard and, raising a fist, begin to bang on it from the inside. Then I'll reach a decision point -- do I have it turn and walk away? Or do I fully commit to the project and break my coworker's whiteboard, allowing them to come back to the office after a bathroom break to discover shards of plastic on the floor and some sooty, dry-erase footprints leading away?

Let's be honest: it's probably the latter.

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merle_ From: merle_ Date: January 12th, 2012 12:17 am (UTC) (Link)
My fun office activity is that a pair of people claim to be playing chess "off and on". They have not made a single move in months. So I just casually slid both of their kings over one square so they are both in check. A month later, nobody has noticed...
Danielle Werner From: Danielle Werner Date: January 12th, 2012 06:44 pm (UTC) (Link)
Please do this and document the process. This is a fantastic idea. I wish I had the environment to do something like that at work. ;)
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